From a consumers’ point of view, organic farming creates  food and drink of a high quality, all produced naturally without the use of any chemical products.

When you buy organic produce you are supporting a sector that promotes other advantages too, such as taking care of the environment,  the rise of biodiversity, the welfare of livestock and rural development.

The cultivation of our farmland is all done in full respect of the surrounding environment and  traditions with the final aim being to achieve an excellent finished product:


Excellent used on its own to dress salads, crudités, all types of meats, cooked  or  otherwise, boiled  or  raw  vegetables, classic “bruschetta” as well as many other uses in the kitchen

On our farm we cultivate over one thousand trees of the following varieties:

* MORAIOLO (partly the old “MINGOLA” variety)



  1. no chemicals are  used in any stage  of the olive  cultivation
  2. the olive trees are grown on the Montalbano hills in Tuscany  (300 metres a.s.l.)
  3. the olives are  harvested by  hand in the  traditional  way
  4. the cold pressing of the olives is carried out  straight after harvesting

In our oil you can find that characteristic scent of fresh olives, pungent and spicy, thanks to the numerous polyphenols it

ORGANOLEPTIC PROPERTIES : pungent-spicy-almondy

ORGANIC PROPERTIES : antioxidants-healthy

The absorbent polyphenols provide the oil with a balance of nutritional, healthy qualities as well as sensory characteristics, due in particular to:

The OLEUROPEIN it’s very important, from a nutritional point of view, because it has natural antioxidant properties, useful in the prevention of heart disease and tumours;

The TOCOSTEROLS (alpha, beta, gamma and delta) have an antioxidant effect due to alpha-tocosterols and delta-tocosterols, that together form vitamin E