In this unspoiled countryside, probably the same one that Leonardo admired and that inspired his creativity and ingenuity, there is no shortage of roads to reach our farmhouse, located just 35 kilometers from Florence.
Thanks to a developed road network, it is really a pleasure to reach Vinci by car, as in addition to the advantage of being able to move freely in the territory and visit the most important art cities of Tuscany that can be reached from here in less than an hour. of travel, it is possible to admire a landscape cultivated with vineyards and olive groves and furrowed by rows of cypresses that still remains as Leonardo saw it.
The museum of Leonardo da Vinci, in Vinci, the museum of ceramics, in Montelupo, many many places to visit within a few kilometers.
A unique landscape with rows of vineyards, olive groves and green meadows that enchants those who travel through Tuscany.

Treat yourself to a food and wine trip whenever you     want,     covering   short distances:

Chianti, where excellent wine accompagnies the dishes of the best Mediterranean  Cuisine


In Tuscany and in the vicinity of our farmhouse there are prestigious wineries that you can visit and also taste the best Chianti wines with DOCG.              



An extraordinary recent work is the ANTINORI CELLAR, non-invasive and in harmony with the environment, as valid for the natural context as for the anthropological one. (

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Vinci is universally known as the city of the Genius Leonardo, inventor, engineer, technologist, a character who contributed to making Tuscany famous all over the world, thanks to his intuitions and inventions that have been handed down to this day. Other illustrious personalities of Tuscany have made Vinci famous in the world. 
It was in fact the home as Pierfrancesco da Vinci grandson of Leonardo and famous sculptor and poet Renato Fucini whose tomb is located in the locality of Dianella.

The beauty of Vinci and its territory in the heart of Tuscany was also appreciated by Giuseppe Garibaldi, who lived in the Villas of Ferrale and Martelli.


Carmignano, near Vinci, the vine was already cultivated in pre-Roman times, about 3000 years ago, as evidenced by the wine jars and tasting cups found in the Etruscan tombs. A parchment dated 804 was found in the State Archives of Florence: it’s a rental contract that documents how already 1200 years ago olive trees and vines were grown in Capezzana for the production of oil and wine.

To visit the ancient cellar of the TENUTA di CAPEZZANA which has been producing wine since 804, Via Capezzana, n.100 – Carmignano, 

Tel: +39 055 87060054, you can consult the website 

Days and times  visits and tasting in the cellar:   by reservation from Monday to Saturday

Leonardo da Vinci was born in the nearby area of Anchiano on April 15, 1452, where it is still possible to visit his birthplace today. The Library, the Ideal Museum and the Leonardian Museum are dedicated to the Genius and his works, showing the objects he studied and created.